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1997-1998 AAPG Distinguished Lecturers

Search and Discovery Article #90938 (1997).
Posted March 20, 2009


Paleoenvironmental Analysis Based on Climate Model Predictions
    Eric J. Barron

Role of Paleogeography and Carbon Dioxide in Governing Past Ocean and Atmospheric Circulation
    Eric J. Barron

The Gulf of Mexico Deep Water Play: 50 Years from Concept to Commercial Reality
    Neil R. Braunsdorf and Gary S. Steffens

High Resolution Sequence Stratigraphy of Deltaic, Slope, and Turbidite Depositional Systems in the Upper Carboniferous of Northern Europe
    Trevor Elliott

Fluvial Systems in Mountain Belts and Foreland Basins: An Alpine-Himalayan Perspective
    Trevor Elliott

A Renaissance in the Analysis of Turbidite Systems?
    Trevor Elliott

The Terminal Proterozoic Time Scale: Constraints on Global Correlations and Rates of Early Animal Evolution
    John P. Grotzinger

Anomalous Carbonate Precipitates: Precambrian Analogs for Paleozoic Cementstones
    John P. Grotzinger

Deposition of Deep-Water Sands, Pliocene, Niger Delta: Sequence Stratigraphy, Depositional Facies, and Sand Body Geometry and Stacking Patterns
    Ronald D. Kreisa

Integrated Reservoir Description Using Core, Wire-Line Logs, 3-D Seismic Data, and Production History: Field Development Case Studies of Deltaic and Deep-Water Sands, Offshore Nigeria
    Ronald D. Kreisa

Impact of Diagenetic Processes on Sandstone Reservoir Quality: Controls, Effects, and Predictive Evaluation Using Data from Natural and Experimental Systems
    Richard E. Larese

From Rocks to Models: Three-Dimensional Visualization as a Tool to Integrate Sedimentology and Sequence Stratigraphy into Reservoir Models
    Scott W. Tinker