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Abstract: Geology Reinterpretation of an Inactive Old Field-Mata 3, Venezuelan East Basin--Using Computer Methods

Olga Rodriguez, Cesar Rivero, Joffre Abud

Nowadays to find a new oil field is a very dificult task that the petroleum people know very well; therefore the reactivation of an old oil field that had important production is the best way to increase the economic benefits for the Corporation and for the country in general.

In this paper, the most important point was the Geology Study regarding the reopening of the Mata-3 oil field, which ceased to be active 15 years ago, after producing 30 mmbls of light oil. There are 30 prospective sands but only 3 of them have produced 70% of the primary production. Thus, the principal objectives were the S2, S3, 4 sands of Oficina Formation (Venezuelan East Basin) in 476 wells located in this area. The following computer systems that were available to us: GIPSIE System, Vax (Intergraph Co.); PMSE System, Vax (Intergraph Co.); CPS-3 System, Unix (Radian Co.); and SIGEMAP System, PC (Corpoven, S.A.).

All of them assist in the different tasks that must be done by the geologists working in the interpretation area.

In the end, we recommended 40 wells to workover (2 wells/year for 20 years) and thereby to increase the POI (petroleum in situ) and increase the reserves by 13.4 mmbls of light oil, important commercial production. The estimate of the total investment is about $2 million (340 mmBs.).

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