--> --> Abstract: From Surface to Pseudo Borehole Data Interpretation, by A. Riaz and C. P. A. Wapenaar; #90951 (1996).
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Abstract: From Surface to Pseudo Borehole Data Interpretation

Ala'i Riaz, C. P. A. Wapenaar

The method of pseudo borehole data generation is a method for transforming seismic surface data into (deviated) borehole data in a numerical way. The generation of pseudo borehole data is a very useful tool in the interpretation of seismic data: it adds a depth dimension to seismic data and gives insight into to entire wave propagation through the subsurface.

In this paper some examples will be presented on transforming surface measurements into borehole data. One of the aims is the Previous HitverificationNext Hit and update of the macro subsurface Previous HitmodelTop, by making use of inconsistencies of multi-source and offset borehole data together with the behaviour of non-causalities (two-way schemes). Pseudo borehole data will be generated for various borehole/detector configurations. The comparison of the pseudo borehole data with real borehole data and well data improves indirectly the integration of surface seismics and well information. Due to acquisition difference between the real borehole and surface data, the pseudo borehole data has a lower frequency band than the real borehole data. After proper preprocessing (including a thorough study of the sources and d tectors used in both situations), the pseudo borehole data may have a better signal-to-noise ratio. In practical situations both borehole datasets may enhance each other significantly. Now the fundamental importance in the pseudo borehole data generation technique is that we can walk away from the well with optimally determined matching parameters at the well and extend our geological knowledge in all lateral directions (reservoir characterization).

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