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Abstract: Geophysical Data Managment in PDVSA, Progress Report

Antonello Lilliu

The ever increasing amounts of geophysical data acquired, processed and reprocessed every year have caused major problems in its storing, handling and validation since the beginning of the decade. Also, the aging of magnetic media was starting to create problems in its retrieval. These situations have compelled PDVSA and its affiliates to plan and execute a data managment project.

The most important characteristics of the project are: Multilevel/Interdisciplinary organisational setup; Inventory of 250,000 tapes, Transcription of 200,000 tapes of navigation and seismic data; Rasterisation of 1.5 million documents; Database modelling, implementation and loading; Quality control of all the phases.

Also a series of issues regarding the technology used are analysed: Digital media selection (3480 Cartridges), Data Model (PPDM 3.0, modified), Database type (Relational).

Finally, the execution of the project has led to new concepts in the business processes orientation (more to the product than to the process itself) and roles in the ownership of the data through its life cycle.

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