--> --> Abstract: Oyo--First Field Deepwater Nigeria?, by R. Lilletveit, L. Nelson, and G. Osahon; #90951 (1996).

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Abstract: Oyo--First Field Deepwater Nigeria?

Ragnhild Lilletveit, Lewis Nelson, George Osahon

The Oyo-1 well was drilled in 3Q95 in OPL 210. The partners in the block are Allied Energy (Operator) and the Statoil and BP Alliance.

This well was the first well drilled in Deepwater Nigeria and is a reported hydrocarbon discovery.

Although the well was within the Niger Delta depositional system, the deepwater play types drilled were quite different than anything previously tested on the Nigerian shelf or onshore.

One year on, some of the questions to be asked are: (1) What did Oyo-1 discover? (2) What has been done to establish the commerciality, or otherwise, of the hydrocarbon pools encountered? (3) What impact does this discovery have on other prospects identified in the deepwater area?

The answer to these questions will help to identify whether a new hydrocarbon province in the deepwater Nigeria area can be developed, or not.

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