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Abstract: Aguardiente and Escandalosa Formations, Potential Cretaceous Reservoirs in the Southwestern Tachira Area, Venezuela

Alberto Hevia A., F. Yoris V., A. Perez D'G., J. Perez, O. Contreras, E. Ascanio, C. A. Eig Litos, M. A. Vivas, R. Lander

In southwestern Tachira were surveyed Aguardiente and Escandalosa formations at La Vueltosa, Carretera Nacional San Cristobal-Barinas, Rio Frio and Quebrada Escandalosa sections. The tectono-stratigraphic thickness measured for these units were 279 and 194 m at La Vueltosa, 382 m at Carretera Nacional, 547 and 197 m at Rio Frio and 624 and 493 m at Quebrada Escandalosa, respectively. The lithological proportions for Aguardente Formation range between 62-98% of pure sandy facies, 2-32 % of shaly and silty facies, 0-6 % of heterolithic facies. For Escandalosa Formation it ranges between 42-82 % of pure sandy facies, 9-47 % of shaly and silty facies, 1-14 % of heterolithic facies and 4-8 % of limestones. The lower contact of Aguardiente Formation with Rio Negro Formation is n erosive truncation, and transitional with Apon Formation. The contact between Aguardiente and Escandalosa formations is also transitional. The upper contact of Escandalosa with Navay Formation is assumed conformable in the surveyed sections. The petrography of 74 samples gave the following porosity results, as a function of a point counting: Aguardiente Formation ranges from 1-22% (average 6%); Escandalosa Formation ranges from 1-12% (average 7%).

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