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Abstract: Constrained Gravity-Magnetic Interpretation: A New Way of Regional-Residual Separation of Potential Field Data--Venezuela Examples

Victor Graterol

In the evaluation of sedimentary basins with extensive gravity and magnetic coverage, but with limited seismic data, the integrated interpretation of the three types of geophysical information is strictly necessary to establish not only the possible potential of the basin, but also to define the follow up exploration program.

Gravity data is the key to establishing basin potential. CONTROL POINTS coming from the limiting existing seismic data and direct information from wells and geological surface maps can be employed to constrain the gravity data and obtain REGIONAL and RESIDUAL constrained maps that permit a more adequate quantitative gravity modeling method for outlining the main existing anomaly targets in the basin. The final composite structural map showing the top of the main density interface also permits the optimum design for the location of the eventual follow-up seismic program.

Examples of constrained gravity-magnetic interpretation for specific areas within the Eastern Venezuelan, Guarumen and Maracaibo basins are presented to illustrate this approach in the interpretation of potential field data.

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