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Abstract: Re-Entries: New Strategies in Development Zones at the Orinoco Oil Belt

R. Gonzalez, M. Briceno, J. Figueroa, C. Bolanos

Drilling of horizontal wells in Venezuela began in the Orinoco Oil Belt with the wells CI-87 and CI-97 in the J-20 block, drilled in 1989 and 1990, respectively.

Well CI-87 produces up to 1000 BPD without steam injection. Due to the success of this well, the exploitation strategy was oriented toward re-entry and sidetracking wells with mechanical problems, high water cut and low potential. The purpose of this programme was to enhance drainage patterns, access new reservoirs through existing bores, and increase oil production while reducing per-barrel costs.

Eighteen (18) wells were re-drilled in different pay zones such as O-12, O-13, O-14 and O-15 with horizontal sections between a thousand feet and one thousand six hundred feet.

Those wells were completed with progressive cavity pumps, sucker rod beam pumps and electrical submersible pumps.

Presented in this paper are the results of the re-entries at the Orinoco Oil Belt and the future re-entry strategy.

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