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Abstract: On the Subject of Technical Data Capture and Cataloging Procedures Related to Geological Data Management

Robert G. Font, Brent D. McDermed

When most of us think of geological data management, we think of the end product: the computer screen, the world map, the point and shoot technique that will allow all documents pertinent to a specific geographic region or geological area to magically appear. What may not always be apparent to us is the enormous effort involving the data capture (i.e., the proper identification and classification of the technical data), data entry and the crucial coding and cataloging procedures necessary to achieve the "end result." Identification and classification of scientific data is best performed by experienced, technical personnel who not only understand the data fully, but also the best format to capture it so that it becomes most significant and of greatest value to the explorat on and production personnel (i.e., the end users) that depend on it. In addition, technical data capture must be performed under uniform internal standards to establish consistency throughout. Finally, these standards must be maintained through an on-going quality control program to ensure constancy. Specific procedures and recommendations, based on our experience and addressing the above topics, are presented.

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