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Abstract: Numeric Stratigraphic Modeling: Testing Sequence Stratigraphic Concepts using High Resolution Geologic Examples

John M. Armentrout, Linda S. Smith-Rouch, Scott A. Bowman

Numeric simulations based on integrated data sets enhance our understanding of depositional geometry and facilitate quantification of depositional processes. Numeric values tested against well-constrained geologic data sets can then be used in iterations testing each variable, and in predicting lithofacies distributions under various depositional scenarios using the principles of sequence stratigraphic analysis. The stratigraphic modeling software provides a broad spectrum of techniques for modeling and testing elements of the petroleum system. Using well-constrained geologic examples, variations in depositional geometry and lithofacies distributions between different tectonic settings (passive vs. active margin) and climate regimes (hothouse vs. icehouse) can provide insight to poten ial source rock and reservoir rock distribution, maturation timing, migration pathways, and trap formation. Two data sets are used to illustrate such variations: both include a seismic reflection profile calibrated by multiple wells. The first is a Pennsylvanian mixed carbonate-siliciclastic system in the Paradox basin, and the second a Pliocene-Pleistocene siliciclastic system in the Gulf of Mexico. Numeric simulations result in geometry and facies distributions consistent with those interpreted using the integrated stratigraphic analysis of the calibrated seismic profiles. An exception occurs in the Gulf of Mexico study where the simulated sediment thickness from 3.8 to 1.6 Ma within an upper slope minibasin was less than that mapped using a regional seismic grid. Regional depositional patterns demonstrate that this extra thickness was probably sourced from out of the plane of the modeled transect, illustrating the necessity for three-dimensional constraints on two-dimensional modeling.

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