--> ABSTRACT: Cleanup Guidebook, a Comprehensive Guide to Feasible Cleanup Strategy, by Hank H. Yacoub and James E. Ross; #91019 (1996)

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Cleanup Guidebook, a Comprehensive Guide to Feasible Cleanup Strategy

Hank H. Yacoub and James E. Ross

In February 1995, staff from the California Regional Water Quality Control Board, Los Angeles Region, developed "INTERIM SITE ASSESSMENT AND CLEANUP GUIDEBOOK" for remediation of petroleum and VOC impacted sites. The guidebook offers a new approach to the site cleanup process: one that reduces time, cuts costs, and establishes defined endpoint for investigation and cleanup actions. Specifically, the guidebook:

-- identifies the role of the involved agencies;

-- streamlines the investigation and cleanup process;

-- expedites the review and decision-making process;

-- answers the question "How clean is clean?"; and

-- defines investigation endpoints and criteria for issuing a "no further action" determination by the Board.

Using the procedures and standards contained in the guidebook, owners and operators will know ahead of. time what level of cleanup must be achieved to obtain closure from the Board and at what cost. For the 120 plus sites dosed to date using this guidebook, it is proving to be invaluable as a ground water quality management tool and is also providing high confidence regarding public risk without significant public burden. An updated version of this guidebook will be available in April 1996.

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