--> ABSTRACT: Understanding Jurassic Salt Tectonics: An Integrated Approach Utilizing Visualization, by Doug R. Paul; #91019 (1996)

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Understanding Jurassic Salt Tectonics: An Integrated Approach Utilizing Visualization

Doug R. Paul

Understanding the mechanisms of salt deformation are critical in the identification of key prospects in a Jurassic salt basin. Understanding the geometry of the complex salt body significantly reduces risk in such prospects.

A volume of 3D data was depth migrated to improve the delineation of the salt geometry. The major velocity changes with depth were interpreted in a state of the art seismic interpretation package. The results were then analyzed in 3D velocity visualization package which permitted refinement of the original model and validation via ray tracing. This velocity model was then reapplied to the Omega KK post stack depth migration process to create a final depth volume. The main prospects were interpreted using floodfill autopicking technology and mapped using conventional gridding and contouring techniques. The interpretations were then validated in a visual 3D palinspastic restoration package. Backstripping through time allowed the analysis of the salt deformation with respect to sediment oading. The validated interpretations were then analyzed in 3D voxel space to gain a true understanding of the salt geometry and its effect on the two key prospective reservoirs. Reservoir volumes were estimated using 3D sub volume detection. Finally a deviated wellbore was designed in order to test both prospects. The entire process shows the manner in which 3D visualization tools may be applied in a multi-disciplinary environment to better understand the prospect and communicate this understanding among team members.

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