--> ABSTRACT: A Depositional Model for Late Jurassic Reef Building in the East Texas Basin, by Edward M. Norwood and Lise Brinton; #91019 (1996)

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A Depositional Model for Late Jurassic Reef Building in the East Texas Basin

Edward M. Norwood and Lise Brinton

The authors propose a depositional setting for the Upper Jurassic reef facies occurring at the upper Cotton Valley Lime, (Gilmer) sequence boundary in the East Texas Basin. The development of uncommonly thick, microbially bound reefal buildups positioned near the western margin of the basin was controlled by sea-level variations and gravity faulting, suggested to be concurrent Gas bearing reefs occur as isolated features along faulted margins and have been successfully located using 3-D seismic. Reefs of this type and age appear to be rare in their occurrence worldwide.

Structurally generated circumstances facilitated margin bypass of terrigenous clastics shed from the north and west. Protection from clastic influx contributed to conditions required for development of the 400 feet of reefal buildup penetrated by the Marathon Oil Company Poth #1 during early 1993. Core from this well provides insight into character, composition, and depositional setting of reefs along the western flank of the East Texas Basin during Late Jurassic time.

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