--> ABSTRACT: Australian Petroleum Geoscience Research: Its Influence on Exploration and Production in Australasia, by Tom S. Loutit; #91019 (1996)

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Australian Petroleum Geoscience Research: Its Influence on Exploration and Production in Australasia

Tom S. Loutit

Petroleum geoscience research in support of efficient and effective exploration in Australia and focused on the reduction of exploration risk has never been healthier. The recognition and mapping of new oil families, new methods to predict trap integrity and charge history, new techniques for fluid history analysis, the development of new explanations and models for the development of large portions of the Australian margin and the development of information systems that meet the needs of explorers are reducing risk.

The scale of the research undertaken and the degree of collaboration between industry and research groups is remarkable. There is a productive balance between groups developing and applying new technology and those undertaking regional geological and petroleum systems research. The balance has occurred because of the long term commitment by the Australian government, via legislation and funding, to ensure the preservation of exploration data in national geoscience database systems and that basic and applied research at all scales from basins to wells is undertaken in support of petroleum exploration and development.

The reduction in the number of geoscientists in major companies and the number of major companies undertaking exploration in Australia has resulted in a shift in tasks traditionally undertaken by these companies to consultants, contractors, universities, and government agencies. The scale and complexity of the questions that need to be solved has forced significant and productive collaborations.

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