--> ABSTRACT: The Structural Development of the Nam Conson Basin, Vietnam, by Henry Joseph Gerke, T. W. C. Hilde, and D. A. Fahlquist; #91019 (1996)

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The Structural Development of the Nam Conson Basin, Vietnam

Henry Joseph Gerke, T. W. C. Hilde, and D. A. Fahlquist

Through the interpretation of a portion of the Geodynamics Research Institute's 13546 km South China Sea Regional Multi-channel Reflection Seismic Data Set, several unconformities have been identified and mapped within the Nam Conson Basin, as well structural elements such as horst blocks, tilted blocks, and inversion structures. Identification and mapping of these unconformities determines the regional and basinwide erosional and depositional events, and interpreting and mapping these structural elements determines rift axes, fault trends, basement structure, and directions of extension and compression.

The resulting, Cenozoic reconstruction and characterization of the Nam Conson Basin contributes toward understanding the geologic evolution and development of the South China Sea, the Sunda Shelf, and the Indochina Peninsula. Linkage between the sea floor spreading history of the southwestern segment of the South China Sea oceanic basin and the rifting which formed the Nam Conson Basin yields an answer to the age of development and the tectonic forces responsible for not only the Nam Conson Basin, but for general sedimentary basin development along the margin of the Indochina Peninsula.

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