--> ABSTRACT: New Frontiers in Old Producing Areas: Two West Texas Examples, by R. J. Erdlac Jr., J. J. Reeves, and D. B. Swift; #91019 (1996)

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New Frontiers in Old Producing Areas: Two West Texas Examples

R. J. Erdlac Jr., J. J. Reeves, and D. B. Swift

Identification of hydrocarbons in neglected areas is linked to 1) acceptance of geological models suggesting hydrocarbon presence, and 2) the willingness to apply geophysical techniques necessary to explore these areas. This is especially true in areas not previously believed to have hydrocarbon potential.

Basic reprocessing procedures, detailed velocity and statics analyses, and direct involvement of an interpreter as processor can result in significant data quality improvement. Interactive reprocessing of 1970-72 seismic data along the Diablo Platform-Delaware Basin margin shows structural and stratigraphic plays not previously demonstrated. These include reverse and thrust faults, footwall anticline development, clastic pinchout trends, and carbonate debris flows. Lack of interest in this area is attributed to poor seismic quality and no good geologic model to support hydrocarbons locally.

Seismic data from 1982 in the Palo Duro Basin displays interbasement reflections of potential sedimentary nature in addition to tectonic activity not reflected in the Paleozoic section. These reflections are below volcanic flows encountered at the Paleozoic-Precambrian interface. Reprocessing, with special attention to velocity analysis, would enhance these reflections which locally suggest onlap, erosional, and channel-like geometries. The deep basin- like character of the Precambrian is supported by a large low density gravity anomaly. The potential of sedimentary Precambrian rock is unknown, however petroleum production has been established from Precambrian strata in other parts of the world, a concept not totally unreasonable for the Palo Duro Basin.

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