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Enhanced Carbonate Reservoir Model for an Old Reservoir Utilizing New Techniques: The Schaben Previous HitFieldNext Hit (Mississippian), Ness County, Kansas

Timothy R. Carr, Willard J. Guy, Evan K. Franseen, and Saibal Bhattacharya

The Pennsylvanian-Mississippian unconformity is a major stratigraphic event in Kansas that truncates rocks ranging from Precambrian to Mississippian. Many of the 6,000 fields in Kansas are located immediately beneath this unconformity. One Previous HitexampleNext Hit, Schaben Previous HitFieldNext Hit located in Ness Count , Kansas, has produced approximately 9 million barrels since it was discovered in 1963. Production is from the Mississippian (Osagian) cherty dolomites beneath the unconformity. The Previous HitfieldNext Hit was initially developed on a regular forty-acre spacing, but recent drilling has demonstrated the potential for additional targeted infill drilling.

To develop an enhanced reservoir model for the Schaben Previous HitfieldNext Hit modern core, log, and well Previous HitdataNext Hit were integrated with the existing Previous HitdataNext Hit. New techniques such as "Pseudoseismic" and the "Super" Pickett plot were used to leverage the existing Previous HitdataNext Hit and provide tools for analysis and 3D visualization. The pseudoseismic approach uses well-logs within a standard 3D seismic visualization system to provide a detailed macroscale view of karst patterns. The petrophysical analyses using the "Super" Pickett plot were used to recognize subtle trends and patterns for each of multiple reservoir intervals. Visual and petrographic examination of core from the Previous HitfieldNext Hit confirms karst development and indicates multiple stages of fracturing, brecciation, and dissolution features that were important in controllin and modifying development of reservoirs. The resulting multiple stage karst reservoir model for the Schaben Previous HitFieldNext Hit emphasizes the opportunities provided by both vertical and lateral reservoir compartments due to well-developed karst. The understanding of the reservoir heterogeneities resulting from the paleokarst model at Schaben Previous HitfieldNext Hit emphasizes the importance of integrating available Previous HitdataTop with new techniques to provide a predictive tool for discovery of additional pay within existing subunconformity fields in Kansas.

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