--> ABSTRACT: The Barrow Island Oilfield Development Plan, Western Australia, by Roger M. Bartlett; #91019 (1996)

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The Barrow Island Oilfield Development Plan, Western Australia

Roger M. Bartlett

Barrow Island lies 55 kms off the coast of Western Australia, 90 kms nort northeast of Onslow and 1300 kms north of Perth. Oil production began on Barrow Island in 1967 with the 250 millionth barrel being produced in 1992. By 1991, the island had reached the point where:

- The field, as currently defined, would reach its economic limit early in the next century if operating expenses remained constant, and

- Operating expense was most likely to rise, as aging facilities an infrastructure required increasing maintenance and/or environmenl enhancements.

In 1991, studies were triggered to develop an integrated plan for Barrc Island to maximise Net Present Value, targeting both increasing reserves an decreasing operating costs.

The studies focused on developing answers to the following four questions:

- Where is the remaining oil?

- How can oil recovery be improved?

- How can current operations be improved?

- What is the optimal plan for the field?

The outcome of the 3 year study has provided answers to these four questions, combining to maximise NPV and possibly result in another 15-25 years of field life.

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