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Seismically Inferred Fault Zone Properties and Fluid Migration along the Barbados Ridge Decollement

Nathan L. Bangs, Tom H. Shipley, and Gregory F. Moore

Three-dimensional seismic Previous HitreflectionNext Hit data acquired in a 5 × 25 km area of the toe of the Barbados Ridge accretionary complex reveal the amplitude and waveform associated with the Previous HitreflectionNext Hit from the decollement plate boundary fault. Reflections are analyzed using computer-automated modeling of amplitudes and waveforms developed to quantitatively measure Previous HitreflectionNext Hit Previous HitcoefficientsNext Hit and examine fault zone physical properties related to the behavior of pore fluids migrating along the decollement.

Modeling shows that the decollement Previous HitreflectionNext Hit is usually caused by a thin low-velocity, low-density (and presumably high porosity) layer. A map of layer thickness indicates smooth thickness variations from 8 to 20 m over 500 m distances and trends that parallel the strike of the Barbados Ridge. In a 2x6 km region of high amplitude, a 100-200 m/s low-velocity anomaly and a corresponding low-density anomaly is inferred in the fault zone from Previous HitreflectionNext Hit Previous HitcoefficientsNext Hit at the top of the layer. The map patterns of Previous HitreflectionNext Hit properties reveal km-wide areas of connected high-porosity, and presumably high-permeability zones. The magnitude of the Previous HitreflectionNext Hit Previous HitcoefficientsTop at the base of the layer reveal connected km-wide areas where the amplitude is equal to that at the top of the layer and othe areas where it is only half as large. This variation may indicate differences in the history of fluid movements through the fault zone. The fault probably develops near-lithostatic fluid pressure in the km-wide high-amplitude areas. The high fluid pressure maintains a weak fault and dilates the fault zone allowing focussed flow along a permeable fault plane.

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