--> ABSTRACT: Horizontal Well Application in a Mature Field - Minas Field, Sumatra, Indonesia, by Agung Ign. Bagus and Timothy P. Whitacre; #91019 (1996)

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Horizontal Well Application in a Mature Field - Minas Field, Sumatra, Indonesia

Agung Ign. Bagus and Timothy P. Whitacre

Minas field, the largest oil field in Southeast Asia, is located in Central Sumatra, Indonesia. The 400 square kilometer field was discovered in December, 1944 and placed on production in February, 1951. Nearly 4,000 MMBO of the original 9,000 MMBO in place have been produced. An active development drilling campaign continues and, to date, more than 850 wells have been drilled.

Horizontal well technology has been implemented as a strategic portion of the current development plan. The primary objectives of the horizontal wells are to reduce water coning problems, drain unswept oil and minimize environmental impact. A pilot program, initiated in 1994, resulted in three successful horizontal wells. Production rates from these wells were significantly higher than adjacent straight wells.

Consequently, a large-scale, horizontal well program is being implemented utilizing short radius and medium radius drilling techniques. The successful execution of this program requires a detailed screening process involving a cross-functional, multi-disciplinary team of geologists and engineers.

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