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Abstract: Several Case Studies of Onshore Previous Hit2-DNext Hit Previous HitDepthNext Hit Migrations Completed on a Workstation

Barry L. Weinman

A Previous Hit2-DNext Hit pre-stack and post-stack Previous HitdepthNext Hit Previous HitmigrationNext Hit study was performed on several lines in two different structural settings (Gulf Coast on-shore and the Mexia Talco fault trend in east Texas). The purpose of the study was to increase the accuracy of fault positioning and improve structural imaging below fault shadow zones.

The velocity field was initially determined by ray traced coherency inversion, improved by residual move-out analysis on Previous HitdepthNext Hit gathers, and was completed by the application of global tomographic inversion.

Evaluation of the results from the Previous HitdepthNext Hit Previous HitmigrationTop is completed by a comparison to well control.

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