--> Abstract: Futures Oil Market Outlook, by J. Saucer; #90960 (1995).

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Abstract: Futures Oil Market Outlook

John Saucer

We expect the broader expansion of global economic activity in 1995 to more than offset the anticipated slowdown in the US economic growth. This should result in worldwide oil demand growth in excess of 1 million barrels per day and firmer oil prices. This comes on the heels of nearly identical growth in 1994 and should be followed by an even larger increase in 1996. This year's demand growth comes against a backdrop of flat OPEC production and an increase in non-OPEC supplies that will fall short of the expected increase in consumption. Some degree of political upheaval in at least a half dozen important oil exporting nations could also have implication for crude supplies. One major wildcard that remains for global oil markets is the status of the United Nations' sanctio s on Iraqi exports and the timing of when these sanctions are to be eased or lifted completely.

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