--> --> Abstract: Setting Up an E&P Operation Overseas, by A. P. Jaffe; #90960 (1995).

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Abstract: Setting Up an E&P Operation Overseas

Albert P. Jaffe

It is assumed negotiations with the host country Government and other parties have led to commitments for exploration, development and production, requiring the establishment of a local operation and eventually a subsidiary.

The presentation considers elements in the planning and implementation of the desired organization/subsidiary. The needs and possible approaches for each phase of E&P activity are examined to identify best alternatives. Pertinent aspects are reviewed under the following principal categories:

MISSION OBJECTIVES AND CORRESPONDING ORGANIZATION for initial exploration, appraisal, development, production.

TECHNICAL/LOGISTICS, including equipment, general services, contracted services, planning, etc.

ADMINISTRATIVE/FINANCIAL, including legal requirements, setting up office facilities, local authorities, financial needs, public relations, transport, communications, security, etc.

PERSONNEL, including selection, transfer of expatriate personnel, hiring of local personnel, housing, personal cars, schools, medical, recreation, training, community activities, etc.

Examples of problem areas, situations and experiences will be discussed.

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