--> Abstract: Stratigraphic Interpretation of Seismic Data on the Workstation, by M. Bahorich and P. Van Bemmel; #90960 (1995).

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Abstract: Stratigraphic Interpretation of Seismic Data on the Workstation

Mike Bahorich, Peter Van Bemmel

Until recently, interpretation of seismic data in the workstation environment has been restricted primarily to horizon and attribute maps. Interpreters have not had the ability to make various types of notations on seismic data and subsequent map views as has been done for years on paper. New thinking in the industry is leading to the development of software which provides the geoscientist with a broader range of interpretive functionality on seismic and subsequent map views. This new functionality reduces the tedious bookkeeping tasks associated with seismic sequence stratigraphy and facies analysis. Interpreters may now perform stratigraphic analysis in more detail in less time by employing the power of the interpretive workstation. A data set over a deep-water fan illustrates the power of this technology.

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