--> Abstract: High-Impact Presentations Using Multimedia: The Technology Transfer Connection, by S. C. Hook; #90957 (1995).

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Abstract: High-Impact Presentations Using Multimedia: The Technology Transfer Connection

Stephen C. Hook

Multimedia adds value and immediacy to business presentations. A little equipment and imagination go a long way toward a first-rate presentation. When time is short and the budget is tight, the science can be made to speak for itself through the use of color, sound, and motion. Easy to-use multimedia software makes it possible for anyone to make vivid, high-impact presentations. A laptop computer, an LCD projector, and a digital camera combine to make multimedia presentations possible in almost any setting. Multimedia methods are applicable in the teaching environment, the professional exploration workroom, the courtroom, and the conference room. Today's technology allows multimedia presentations to be done in person, on interactive disk or CD, or on videotape. Videotape ay become the multimedia printer of choice because of the ubiquitous nature of the VCR, which requires one of just two formats to work. Examples of the use of multimedia include an interactive disk accompanying a published article, outcrop photos annotated on the spot that are "camera ready", and a videotape prepared from digital images of an important business meeting.

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