--> Abstract: The Anadarko: Two Basins, Not One, by J. L. Evans; #90957 (1995).

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Abstract: The Anadarko: Two Basins, Not One

James L. Evans

Located at the core of the Sooner Trend on the northeast shelf of the Anadarko basin is the Enid Embayment. Using regional mapping and production trends it is possible to expand the idea of an Enid Embayment to a concept of two basins, a northern shallow basin and the main basin to the south. From a terminology point of view, it would also be appropriate to map a single basin with a northwest trending arch cutting across the shelf of that basin.

The evidence for this concept is most pronounced in the Pennsylvanian producing trends but can also be inferred as early as Siluro-Devonian Hunton time. There also clearly exists the presence of a through going linear on the Landsat interpreted data suggesting the existence of a deep seated, basement fault or fault system underlying the arch which separates the two basin axes.

Shoreline trends in the northern basin are very pronounced because the basin was very shallow, and the shelf edges were very low dip. Therefore, small changes in sea level caused large movements in shoreline locations. The mapping of shoreline locations through time in the shallow basin can produce a better understanding of shoreline deposits in the deep basin and assist in the understanding of producing fairways and their potential extensions.

Although the concept is not new, the recognition and interpretation of a two basin concept can be of assistance in exploring for, and finding, the more elusive fields that remain in this mature area.

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