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Abstract: Integrated Previous HitComputerNext Hit Aided Reservoir Management (CARM) Using Landmark's OpenWorks 3 Database and Reservoir Management Software

Lester C. Ward

Multi-disciplinary asset teams in today's oil industry are facing an information revolution. To assist them to more accurately define and develop known reservoirs, to visualise reservoirs in 3 dimensions, and to communicate more effectively, they require access to a single common dataset and a flexible, and comprehensive suite of reservoir description software, that allows delineation and refinement of quantitative 3D reservoir models.

Landmark's Previous HitComputerNext Hit Aided Reservoir Management (CARM) software provides the most complete integrated geo-information solution for data management, and a suite of integrated Reservoir Management software covering 3D & 2D seismic interpretation, 3D Geocellular modelling (Stratamodel), geological cross section building and deterministic and probabilistic petrophysical log analysis for 3D display. Thus leading to enhanced characterisation of reservoir properties in preparation for numerical simulation.

The OpenWorks 3 database provides a common framework not only for the integration of data between Landmark applications, but also with third party applications. Thus once the reservoir stratigraphic framework has been built in Stratamodel it can be used as direct input for stochastic modelling in Odin's STORM, and also provide data direct to reservoir simulation applications. Other attributes stored in the database permit other software applications to perform reservoir economic studies and decline curve analysis.

The key element to this integration is the OpenWorks 3 database which is a production oriented geo-Previous HitscienceTop data model with over 500 tables and in excess of 2500 attributes.

The OpenWorks 3 software permits seamless data transfer from one reservoir management application to another, and at every stage of reservoir management the latest updated interpretation is available to every team member.

The goal of integrated reservoir management, to achieve effective exploitation of reserves, now utilises multi disciplinary analysis by cross function teams, enabling the industry to maximise return on "knowledge assets" and physical reserves.

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