--> Abstract: Multidisciplinary Study of Hewett Field, Zechstein Kalk Formation, by K. L. West; #90981 (1994).

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Abstract: Multidisciplinary Study of Hewett Field, Zechstein Kalk Formation

Kenton L. West

New technology and a multidisciplinary team approach were effectively used by Phillips Petroleum for optimum reservoir development in the Hewett field, North Sea. Near-horizontal drilling technology and depositional environment and fracture studies were used by engineering and geology. Geophysics contributed structure and porosity trend maps and used new technology developed by Phillips called Incremental Pay Thickness modeling. IPT modeling enhances the integration of well-log data and seismic wiggle traces so porosity and pay thickness can be estimated directly from seismic data. Seismic amplitude values were mapped and processed into estimated porosity thickness using the IPT mathematical relationship. This interpretation aided in locating three successful development wells in area of predicted high porosity, which increased production by 67 MMCF/D and optimized recovery.

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