--> Abstract: Emergency Remedial Response at the San Diego Naval Station, by D. Padgett, C. Johnson, and S. Mutch; #90981 (1994).

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Abstract: Emergency Remedial Response at the San Diego Naval Station

Deems Padgett, Chris Johnson, Stephen Mutch

An emergency remedial response was initiated when free product was encountered in a foundation excavation at the Naval Station Fire Fighters Training facility in San Diego, California. The site is located in a dynamic tidal environment directly adjacent to San Diego Bay. Site characterization studies included installation of 14 temporary and five permanent wells at the two-acre site. Monitoring wells were gauged at low and high tide to determine tidal effects on the product plume. Monitoring well-gauging results indicated that the product generally dispersed and thinned during high tide and settled and thickened during high tide. Total change in apparent product thickness (measured in monitoring wells) was about 2 to 3 in. But there was no evidence for substantial lateral movement of he plume. Product thickness data contoured using the SURFER PC program indicated the presence of about 14,000 gal of floating product. Fifty-one linear feet of French drains equipped with skimming pumps were installed to capture the free product and control the leading edge of the plume. Preliminary estimates of product recovery were about 20 gal/day. Upon start up, 100 gal/day of product were recovered. After about one month, 750 gal of product were removed, yielding an average recovery rate of about 25 gal/day. As the plume is reduced in volume, the skimming pumps will be rendered ineffective and alternative remedial technologies will be required.

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