--> Abstract: Carpinteria Offshore Field Study, Offshore, California, by J. Kennedy, J. Barminski, S. Coombs, A. Voskanian, and V. Duda; #90981 (1994).

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Abstract: Carpinteria Offshore Field Study, Offshore, California

Jeff Kennedy, Joan Barminski, Steve Coombs, Armen Voskanian, Vid Duda

A unique joint federal-state-industry technical working group has been formed to study the feasibility of recovering bypassed oil in the Carpinteria offshore field via extended reach drilling. Participants include Minerals Management Service, California State Lands Commission, and Pacific Operators, Inc. The major components of the study encompass data base management, geologic framework modeling, and reservoir simulation. The use of the supercomputational capabilities of the Los Alamos National Laboratory has been proposed to achieve the required modeling results. Objectives of the study include maximizing the recovery of primary reserves through long-reach drilling and potentially the feasibility of full-field unitized secondary recovery operations.

The Carpinteria offshore field, located in the eastern Santa Barbara Channel, is the only offshore field in California straddling the state-federal boundary that has produced from both state and federal leases. The field has produced from five platforms currently operated by Pacific Operators, Inc. and UNOCAL on the federal side, and Chevron on the state side.

Carpinteria offshore field production peaked at 35,000 BOPD in 1969 and declined to 4000 BOPD by 1993. Currently, only the federal platforms are producing. The Chevron-operated state platforms were shut-in late in 1992 and are being abandoned.

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