--> Abstract: Thermal and Pressure Histories of the Malay Basin, Offshore Malaysia, by W. I. Yusoff and R. E. Swarbrick; #90982 (1994).

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Abstract: Thermal and Pressure Histories of the Malay Basin, Offshore Malaysia

Wan I. Yusoff, Richard E. Swarbrick

The Malay Basin is a Neogene intracratonic basin characterized by high heat flow and rapid sedimentation; moderate to high overpressure is common in deeper reservoirs. Thermal conductivity and temperature data from 55 wells have been used to reassess the areal and vertical heat-flow distribution within the basin. Anomalously high temperatures have been observed in some sandstone intervals above the overpressured reservoir section. A narrow to rather abrupt pressure transition zone could be recognized. All hydrocarbon-filled reservoirs seemed to be associated with high heat flow (i.e., about 90 mW/m2). Overpressure in some wells is approaching critical fracture pressure (i.e., 0.85 psi/ft. pressure gradient) in the region. In the central part of the basin, the overpressured ections are found within the shallower (<2000 m) hydrocarbon-bearing units. Selective studies of the temporal development of the pore pressure indicated that overpressure development is associated with episodes of rapid sedimentation.

A preliminary fluid flow model supported by pressure modeling is proposed whereby hot fluids are currently being expelled from deeper overpressured sandstone and mudrocks through a fractured seal induced by overpressure. The latter is caused by relatively rapid burial since late Tertiary times. Hydrocarbon migration may have been aided by this fluid movement.

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