--> Abstract: A Microcomputer Intelligent Database System for Indonesia Marine Geosciences Data, by S. Sukmono, D. Santoso, and B. M. Ganie; #90982 (1994).

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Abstract: A Microcomputer Intelligent Database System for Indonesia Marine Geosciences Data

Sigit Sukmono, Djoko Santoso, Basrie M. Ganie

The Agency for Assessment and Application of Technology-Indonesia has collected extensive marine geosciences data in Indonesia's maritime area by using the Baruna Jaya I, II, and III research vessels. The types of data are: geological/geophysical data (coring, sampling, dredging, bathymetric, heat flow, magnetic, seismic, etc.), oceanographic data (water temperature, salinity, sound velocity, chemical concentrations, etc.), and hydrographic/meteorologic data (air temperature, pressure, humidity, sea current and direction, etc.). A microcomputer database system has been developed using PROLOG language for managing the data, and it provides the integrated capability of an expert and database management system. The database system provides easy entry, storage, and retrieval in which the ser can query the data based on the coordinate range, survey type, name, location, and vessel name. The output can be displayed in map or text format and exported to some commercial graphics software. The expert system provides intelligent assistance in searching specific geological, geophysical, oceanographical, and hydrographical/meteorological information. The PROLOG declarative expression of the database itself makes the data accessible for any logic or expert system programming. This can be built to suit specific purposes. The system is especially useful for any institutions involved with marine data (i.e., oil company, oceanographic institutions, etc.). It is designed as a microcomputer based system that is very economical and practical.

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