--> Abstract: Seismic Sequence Stratigraphy of Tertiary Sediments, Offshore Sarawak Deep-Water Area, by A. M. Mohammad; #90982 (1994).

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Abstract: Seismic Sequence Stratigraphy of Tertiary Sediments, Offshore Sarawak Deep-Water Area

Abdul Manaf Mohammad

Tectonic processes and sea level changes are the main key factors that have strongly influenced clastic and carbonate sedimentations in the Sarawak deep-water area. A seismic sequence stratigraphy of Tertiary sediments was conducted in the area with the main objective of developing a workable genetic chronostratigraphic framework that defines the sequence and system tracts boundaries within which depositional systems and lithofacies can be identified, mapped, and interpreted. This study has resulted in the identification of eight major depositional sequences that are bounded by regional unconformities and correlative conformities. These sequences can generally be grouped into four megasequences, based on the main tectonic events observed in the area.

Three system tracts of a type-l, third-order sequence boundary were recognized in most of the sequences: lowstand, transgressive, and highstand systems tracts. The lowstand system tract includes basin-floor fans, slope fans, and lowstand prograding wedges. Paleoenvironmental distribution maps constructed for each of the sequences using seismic facies analysis and nearby well control suggest that the sequence intervals are predominantly transgressive units that have been intermittently interrupted by regressive pulses brought about by changes in eustatic sea level. The trend of paleocoastline observed during Oligocene to Miocene times changes from northwest-southeast orientation to a position roughly parallel to the present coastline. Seismic facies maps generated from late Oligocene t early Miocene indicate the depositional environment was coastal to coastal plain in the western and the middle part of the study area, becoming more marine toward the east and northeast.

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