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Abstract: Seismic Imaging of Complex Subsurface Structure, Western Flank of Denver Basin

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To research application of new processing technologies to seismic imaging in the Denver basin zone of flank deformation, a seismic line shot at Deer Creek Canyon, Jefferson and Douglas counties, Colorado, in 1985 was reprocessed using state-of-the-art processing techniques, including turning wave and prestack depth migrations. Results of this processing are encouraging in that steeply dipping to overturned strata in the subsurface at Deer Creek Canyon are imaged for the first time using these new technologies.

Similar setting and problems of seismic imaging occur elsewhere in the Rockies and around the world, indicating that the application of new seismic acquisition and processing methods designed to image steeply dipping to overturned strata could usher in a new era of exploration within the Rockies and elsewhere in similar geological settings.

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