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Abstract: Integrated Interpretation of Airborne Gravity, Magnetic, and Other Geophysical Data in Block SK-12, Onshore Sarawak, Malaysia

Chin-Cheng Hu

An airborne gravity and magnetic survey of Overseas Petroleum and Investment Corporation's concession Block SK-12 in Sarawak, Malaysia, and its interpretation were completed by Carson Service Inc. in 1990. The survey and its integration with other geophysical data from the area were undertaken to make well-constrained subsurface structural interpretations and to evaluate the petroleum potential of an area that includes both a very rugged mountain range and deltaic swamps, across which it would be too difficult and expensive to conduct comprehensive seismic prospecting.

The Bouguer gravity anomalies were correlated with the regional configuration of the basins of Sarawak, and residual gravity anomalies were correlated with the local structures within these basins. The magnetic anomalies were used to estimate the depth of the magnetic basement. Stripping of the gravity effects of the known shallow structures aided by insertion of the gravity data allowed interpretation of deeper structures.

AAPG Search and Discovery Article #90982©1994 AAPG International Conference and Exhibition, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, August 21-24, 1994