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1994-1995 AAPG Distinguished Lecturers

Search and Discovery Article #90985 (1994).
Posted May 20, 2009


Evolving Sequence-Stratigraphic Concepts: Emphasis on Siliciclastic Systems Tracts
    L. F. Brown, Jr.

Identifying Candidates for Horizontal Drilling Through Understanding Reservoir Heterogeneity
    Ross A. Clark

Seismosaurus, Mammoths, and the Real Jurassic Park
    David D. Gillette

Gastroliths, Rigor Mortis, and Taphonomy of the Seismosaurus Site
    David D. Gillette

Sequence Stratigraphic Architecture and Cycle Stacking Patterns of Platform Carbonates--An Evaluation of Autocyclic, Deterministic, and Stochastic Controls
    Robert K. Goldhammer

Exceptions to the Rules of Oil-Spill Behavior: Case Studies of Major Oil Spills of the Past Twenty Years
    Miles O. Hayes

Evolution of the Shoreline of the Georgia Bight: A Model for Shoreline Embayments
    Miles O. Hayes

Structural Inversion: Occurrence, Mechanics, and Implications for Petroleum Exploration
    James D. Lowell

Three-Dimensional Fault Systems in Rifts
    Kenneth R. McClay

Geomechanics Approach to Management of Naturally Fractured Reservoirs
    Lawrence W. Teufel, John C. Lorenz