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Abstract: The Steen River Structure, Alberta: Geology and Oil Production

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The Steen River structure is located at 59° 30^primeN lat.; 117° 40^primeW long., in the northwest Alberta plains. The structure is roughly circular with a slight northwest trending axis and a diameter of 20 to 24 km. It has no surface expression but its subsurface structure and geometry is known from extensive seismic data and well control. A central rebound plug of Precambrian rocks showing shock metamorphism passes outward radially into a synform and then rim. A possible second rim may be present in the northeast. The feature is interpreted to be the result of a meteorite impact.

Oil production is from Givetian age fractured dolomites of the Keg River formation on the northern rim of the structure. Current production (in the winter season) is about 600 bbls/day and has reached 282,000 barrels to date from two wells.

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