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Abstract: Reconciling Significant Differences in Core and Log Porosities for a Mixed Siliciclastic/Carbonate Reservoir: A West African Previous HitExampleNext Hit

June Gidman, Frank J. Conner, Dennis J. Fischer

The Upper Cretaceous Lago Reservoir in the Malongo North Previous HitfieldNext Hit consists of thoroughly mixed siliciclastic/carbonate lithologies. A problem in building simulation models for this reservoir is that there are significant differences between porosities calculated from logs and those measured from cores. This results in large uncertainties in reserves and remaining oil-in-place estimations.

Reservoir characterization, as part of a waterflood feasibility program, resulted in the identification of lithofacies and mappable reservoir zones. The lithofacies that makes up the majority of the reservoir is burrow-mottled dolomitic siltstone. The burrowed lithofacies has poorly cemented, porous and permeable, silt-filled burrows surrounded by tight, silty dolomite. The fabric of the rock results in heterogeneous distributions of porosity and permeability on a centimeter scale. Minipermeameter Previous HitdataNext Hit across slabbed cores illustrate this heterogeneity. Similarly, measurements made on each end of routine core analysis plugs show variations between the two ends of up to three orders of magnitude. Comparison of full-diameter and plug Previous HitdataNext Hit shows that plugs underestimate permeability belo 80 md. A relationship between full-diameter and plug permeabilities was used to scale-up plug Previous HitdataNext Hit below 80 md. Porosity is not scale dependent, and no significant differences were found between plug and full-diameter Previous HitdataNext Hit.

The outside of the cores and the borehole wall have significant small-scale rugosity caused by washout of poorly cemented burrow-filling siltstone. This rugosity is measured by logs as porosity. The density log, while performing normally, does not record Previous HitdataTop representative of the formation.

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