--> --> Abstract: Human Health Risk-Based Approach for Environmental Site Assessment of Oil Field Properties Prior to Redevelopment, by M. J. Sullivan, K. R. Patton, and E. Fakhoury; #90992 (1993).

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SULLIVAN, M. J., K. R. PATTON, and E. FAKHOURY, McLaren/Hart Environmental Engineering Corporation, Burbank, CA

ABSTRACT: Human Health Risk-Based Approach for Environmental Site Assessment of Oil Field Properties Prior to Redevelopment

In many areas of the United States, oil production fields are becoming idle as yield and economic returns diminish. However, new economic value is being found in this land as the demand for developable real estate continues to grow. Former oil fields are being redeveloped for commercial and residential uses. The redevelopment often includes changes in both ownership and on-site activities and therefore environmental due-diligence is a necessity.Human health risk-based considerations including the physical properties of earth materials, aquifer characteristics, and location of exposure points and sensitive receptors are incorporated into the planning of both phase I and phase II environmental site assessments. The phase I environmental assessment consists of gathering and evaluating ex sting information pertaining to site operations, hazardous material storage and handling procedures, and historical aerial photographs, and performing a site inspection. The phase II environmental assessment includes soil and groundwater investigation in areas associated with common oil field production activities (i.e., sumps, wells, pipelines, etc.).

Data from each phase of environmental assessment are collected in a manner consistent for use in a health risk assessment. Findings from the environmental assessments are the basis for determining whether any unacceptable chemical exposures and subsequent health risks would occur as a result of the redevelopment. The determination of unacceptable exposures and risks is made in a health risk assessment.

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