--> --> Abstract: What Constitutes Good Geologic Site Assessment?, by A. Maggio; #90992 (1993).

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MAGGIO, ANTHONY, Groundwater Technology, Torrance, CA

ABSTRACT: What Constitutes Good Geologic Site Assessment?

As the environmental industry continues to expand globally, the entry of new firms to address emerging opportunities has also increased dramatically. The level of geologic assessment skills and the standards of quality vary widely in the industry.

This paper addresses the manner in which geologists are trained and the skills required in developing interpretations with respect to groundwater and soil contamination. It then highlights some simple and consistent ways to generate the data required to develop remedial action design plans, monitoring systems and litigation support. It also provides a framework for nongeologists in environmental management positions a basis upon which to judge the quality of geologic or hydrologic assessments performed at their facilities.

AAPG Search and Discovery Article #90992©1993 AAPG Pacific Section Meeting, Long Beach, California, May 5-7, 1993.