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PERTL, DAVID J., Maxus Exploration Company, Amarillo, TX

ABSTRACT: Depositional Environment of the Cleveland Formation in the Ellis Ranch and Bradford, Cleveland Fields, Ochiltree and Lipscomb Counties, Texas

Investigation of the Upper Pennsylvanian Cleveland Formation in central Ochiltree and Lipscomb counties of the northeastern Texas panhandle reveals deposition in a deltaic environment. Examination of five cores reveals dominate facies including prodelta, distal delta front, and proximal delta front. These facies are generally stacked within the cores and may be overlain by sharp-based, fining-upward intervals interpreted as distributary channel facies. The distributary channel facies generally constitute better reservoir development.

Examination of well logs, cross section grids, and log facies mapping in the Ellis Ranch and Bradford Cleveland fields ties the wells with the depositional environments revealed in the cores. Northwest-southeast and northeast-southwest channels are mapped into the delta with sandstone thicks oriented roughly east-west at their termination. Thick reservoir-quality sandstone is associated with the distributary channel facies or where the various deltaic facies are stacked and of sufficient porosity to be productive.

AAPG Search and Discovery Article #90991©1993 AAPG Mid-Continent Section Meeting, Amarillo, Texas, October 10-12, 1993.