--> Abstract: Deep-Seated Salt Sheet: Eastern Calcasieu Parish, Louisiana, by J. A. Spencer and C. L. Sharpe; #90989 (1993).

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SPENCER, JEFFREY A., and CHARLES L. SHARPE, Amoco Production Company, Houston, TX

ABSTRACT: Deep-Seated Salt Sheet: Eastern Calcasieu Parish, Louisiana

Interpretation of recent seismic and well data in the Gillis-English Bayou-West Manchester area of Calcasieu Parish, Louisiana, supports a complex structural history involving allochthonous salt, erosion, and faulting.

Since its discovery in 1934, Gillis-English Bayou field has produced over 195 bcf of gas and 19 MMbbl from Oligocene and Miocene sands. Unlike the aerially small, shallow, piercement salt dome fields along trend, Gillis-English Bayou field covers approximately 18 sq mi-aerially the largest field in the parish. West Manchester field, approximately six miles south, has produced over 120 bcf of gas and 2 MMbbl from Oligocene lower Hackberry sands. The associated salt sheet underlies at least 30 sq mi at depths of 15,000-20,000 ft and can be indirectly related to hydrocarbon accumulation in the area.

Associated with this vertical and lateral movement of salt is a significant Vicksburg erosional event underlying West Manchester field. In this area of thick Vicksburg sediments, over 1700 ft of section has been eroded.

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