--> Abstract: The History, Development, and Regional Significance of Ruston Field, by J. A. Lott, L. A. Herrmann, and R. E. Davenport; #90989 (1993).

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LOTT, JOSEPH A., L. A. HERRMANN, and R. E. DAVENPORT, Palmer Petroleum, Inc., Shreveport, LA

ABSTRACT: The History, Development, and Regional Significance of Ruston Field

The Ruston gas field lies just north of Ruston, Lincoln Parish, Louisiana, 70 mi east of Shreveport, Louisiana. The field covers a surface area of 64.5 sections or approximately 41,280 ac. The Ruston lies within a trend containing many Lower Cretaceous and Upper Jurassic gas reservoirs on the northern flank of the Gulf Coast geosyncline, along the northern flank of the North Louisiana Salt Dome basin.

Within this belt of production, several prolific Cotton Valley strandline plays exist at Ruston along with many different Hosston pays. More than 40 zones produce natural gas and oil from seven formations in the field. Several of the sands are totally structurally controlled, but many have a minor to major stratigraphic trapping component. Ultimate recovery from the field is estimated to be 1,600,000 bbl of oil, 1,730,000 bbl of condensate and 614 bcf of gas.

The most prolific reservoir is the strandline Cotton Valley "D" sand averaging over 12 bcf per well, a total of over 195 bcf of gas, and more than 600,000 bbl of condensate. The best well in the field is the Arkansas Louisiana Gas #2 Dowling in Sec. 30, T19N, R2W, which has produced 22 bcf of gas and 110,000 bbl of condensate.

The upper, middle, and lower Hosston produce at Ruston. The lower Hosston produces from approximately 14 fields in northern Louisiana and from 11 wells in the field. The middle Hosston produces from approximately 28 fields in the basin and has made over 46 bcf of gas from six sands. The upper Hosston is regionally the most extensive in northern Louisiana producing from approximately 41 fields. At Ruston, the Hosston has produced over 15 bcf of gas from seven sands.

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