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OLSON, HILARY CLEMENT, L. B. FEARN, and R. B. BLOCH, Mobile E and P Technical Center, Dallas, TX

ABSTRACT: Integrated Previous HitDataNext Hit Previous HitDisplayNext Hit: An Aid to Biostratigraphic Characterization of Paleogene Sequences, Faeroe Basin, UK

The integrated Previous HitdisplayNext Hit of biostratigraphic Previous HitdataNext Hit, paleoecology, depositional sequences, and gamma log curves improved sequence stratigraphic correlation in the Paleogene for 11 wells in the Faeroe Basin, UK. An initial sequence stratigraphic framework was constructed using a grid of multi-fold Previous HitseismicNext Hit Previous HitdataNext Hit, composite logs and consultant biostratigraphic summary Previous HitdataNext Hit for the study area in the Faeroe Basin. Subsequently, the digital micropaleontological Previous HitdataNext Hit was made available from the consultant and imported into the RAGWARE composite log system. Within RAGWARE, the micropaleontological Previous HitdataNext Hit was manipulated and treated statistically through cluster analysis. The results of concurrent log motif analysis and previous sequence stratigraphic analysis were also entered into the RAGWARE Previous HitdataNext Hit ystem. Composite displays for each well and several cross-sections were constructed from the RAGWARE system. Whereas, initial stratigraphic constraints on sequence boundaries and depositional systems interpreted from Previous HitseismicNext Hit were provided only by biostratigraphic tops, the collective Previous HitdisplayNext Hit of all of the micropaleontological Previous HitdataNext Hit with log motif and Previous HitseismicNext Hit interpretations enabled easy iteration between Previous HitdataTop sets in order to more tightly constrain the timing and better define the nature of depositional systems in the Faeroe Basin.

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