--> Abstract: The Integrated Paleontologlcal System: A New Tool for the Analysis and Display of Micropaleontoiogical Data, by A. C. Gary and G. W. Sjogren; #90987 (1993).
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ABSTRACT: The Integrated Paleontologlcal System: A New Tool for the Previous HitAnalysisNext Hit and Display of Micropaleontoiogical Data

Micropaleontological data, although an essential part of exploration and development for decades, have been underutilized largely because of a lack of appropriate analytical tools and methods to display complex data. Effective application and integration of micropaleontological data with other disciplines requires presentation in a form which the non-specialist can easily understand and implement. To address these problems Unocal is developing the Integrated Paleontological System (I.P.S.). The I.P.S. is a DOS-based system designed to accept data in a standard format and generate an initial Previous HitpaleoenvironmentalNext Hit interpretation and correlation based on empirically tested models and techniques. The output is in the form of interactive screen displays and data files containing interpreted r sults, which are exportable to other programs. The I.P.S. is being developed in a modular fashion so each technique can be statistically tested against control data and the output of other techniques for deriving similar information. A modular development strategy enables rapid development and adaptation of techniques useful to explorationists. Statistical testing allows error limits and probabilities to be associated with the output so that the geologist can obtain a measure of the confidence associated with various parts of the overall Interpretation. The I.P.S. can extract new types of information from existing and future paleontologlcal data, and reduce the time required to generate an interpretation. A prototype system containing modules for Previous HitpaleoenvironmentalTop interpretations has be n developed and delivered to several Unocal field offices.

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