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ECHOLS, JOHN, DONALD GODARD, and REED BOURGEOIS, Basin Research Institute, Louisiana State University, Baton Rouge, LA

ABSTRACT: Genetic Facies Characterization of Unstructured Previous HitDeltaicNext Hit Reservoirs Using Detailed Stratigraphic Correlations and Computer Generated Maps

Ancient Previous HitdeltaicNext Hit Previous HitenvironmentsNext Hit contain the predominant light oil producing reservoirs in the United States. Similar Previous HitdeltaicNext Hit reservoirs in Venezuela, both in the Maracaibo Basin as well as in the Eastern Venezuelan Basin have produced significant amounts of hydrocarbons for the past 60 years. The geologic characteristics of these reservoirs influence the volume, distribution and potential recovery of remaining mobil and immobile oil. One of the primary geological factors that can affect recovery potential is the original condition under which the reservoir sediments were deposited. The depositional processes involved determine reservoir characteristics.

In order to understand the major constraint to oil production, the reservoir heterogeneities, E-logs from 1007 wells in 4 townships (144 sq mi/373 sq km) in east central Louisiana were correlated in detail. An 800-ft Paleocene Middle Wilcox interval containing stacked Previous HitdeltaicNext Hit reservoirs was investigated. The correlations include 16 tops and 16 net sand intervals. The resulting data set was loaded into the Terrasciences mapping program from which detailed structural as well as net sand isopach maps could be generated. The net sand geometries and the stratigraphic relationships between the sands, shales and lignites permitted the authors to isolate and identify individual genetic facies within each Previous HitdeltaicNext Hit sequence. The observed facies found to be oil prone include distributary channel eposits, overbank bay fill and transgressive barrier sands.

Understanding the heterogeneities found in Previous HitdeltaicTop reservoirs are fundamental for planning advanced production methods such as infill and horizontal/slant well drilling and related enhanced oil recovery processes.

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