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CURTIS, M. P., D. W. HAMPTON, W. E. HOTTMAN, M. E. LOCKHART, and N. N. MOLINA, Halliburton Reservoir Description Services, Houston, TX

ABSTRACT: Reservoir Models from Multidisciplinary Studies

Effective reservoir characterization and description demands the integration of large amounts of :data utilizing the skills of geoscientists from several disciplines. Focusing team efforts toward the construction of reliable static and dynamic reservoir models establishes a common goal in reservoir studies.

In our example, three types of models have been built using data sets from a mature, compartmentalized gas field which exhibits considerable vertical and lateral heterogeneity.

Typically, comprehensive reservoir studies require the initial construction of orthogonal models which are used primarily for manipulating time domain well-log, seismic data, and attributes derived from both such as faults, surfaces, and inversion results.

Following depth conversion, much of this information is passed forward into a detailed geologic model within which additional sparse data (e.g., saturation and permeability information from core and log data) are included and distributed using plausible geologic constraints. The many attributes within this model may be visualized, sliced and manipulated to compute informed estimates of reservoir volumes. The geologic model describes the static reservoir properties which can be updated as new field information becomes available.

For engineering purposes, e.g, production history matching and performance predictions, a coarser simulation model is then constructed. This is used to validate the geologic model and predict future reservoir behavior.

Volumetric estimates, development strategies and economic predictions are the main objectives of typical development projects. The building of reservoir models is a constructive step toward these goals. With models we can better relate, store, retrieve, visualize, and manipulate our reservoir data.

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