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ABSTRACT: Integrated Interpretation Processing in Noonen Ranch field

WALES, ROBERT Q., Intergraph Corporation, Houston, TX

The Noonen Ranch field in Adams County, Colorado, is a Cretaceous aggradational stream deposit formed by the deposition of sand in an erosional valley carved in the D-Sandstone and Huntsman shale. The erosional valley was formed during a sea level lowstand after the conformable deposition of the D-Sandstone atop the Huntsman shale. The subsequent rise in sea level caused a series of distinct sand bodies to be deposited in the erosional valley. A number of small fields have been developed along the trace of thee ancient valleys. Noonen Ranch field is a typical size field for this area, with an aerial extent of approximately 1 x 0.5 mi and a maximum thickness of 25 ft.

Manual data manipulation and display techniques were used in the original development of these fields. Recent reworking of the data in preparation for three-dimensional modeling forced a regeneration of cross sections and maps in the field area. A workstation-based integrated system was used for this new work and several problems were encountered. The rework showed that modern technology does not help in the data compilation process in a new area but greatly speeds the generation of the displays needed for interpretation and presentation. Using these new processing tools, the interpreter can become inundated with displays, which may actually hinder the interpretation process. However, with the advent of three-dimensional modeling and processing tools, the need for integrated processin and data systems will continue to grow.


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