--> --> Abstract: Complex Method of Prediction and Estimation of Abnormal Pressure, by V. A. Serebryakov; #91017 (1992).
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ABSTRACT: Complex Method of Prediction and Previous HitEstimationNext Hit of Abnormal Pressure

SEREBRYAKOV, VLADIMIR A., University of Wyoming, Laramie, WY

Predicting abnormal formation pressure usually results from Previous HitestimationNext Hit of pore pressure in seals. As a rule, abnormal pore pressure is equivalent to the abnormal formation pressure, however, there are exceptions.

For the effective Previous HitestimationTop of pressure, we use normal compaction trends and compressional curves. These methods have been effectively applied in many oil and gas fields of the former Soviet Union and in the Powder River basin (United States) using well-logging, seismic, drilling and core-sample data.

With these methods, one can estimate abnormal pore pressure in complicated geologic settings with unconformities and normal and reverse faults.

These methods improve the engineering aspects of drilling and help to construct a dynamic process-oriented model of pressure seals and chambers for hydrocarbon maturation and migration.


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