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ABSTRACT: Devonian Gas Resources of Western Canada Sedimentary Basin-Previous HitPlayNext Hit Definition and Resource Assessment

REINSON, G. E. P. J. LEE, W. WALTERS, K. G. OSADETZ, L. L. BELL, P. R. PRICE, F. TROLLOPE, R. I. CAMPBELL, and J. E. BARCLAY, Institute of Sedimentary and Petroleum Geology, Geological Survey of Canada, Calgary, Alberta, Canada

An assessment of natural gas resource potential in Devonian strata has recently been completed as part of a comprehensive overall assessment of gas resources within the Western Canada Sedimentary basin. The assessment procedure for established plays contained two essential components: geological Previous HitanalysisNext Hit and statistical evaluation. Geological Previous HitanalysisNext Hit involves characterization of exploration plays with respect to type and areal extent. Pools within a specific Previous HitplayNext Hit form a natural geological population that is governed by one or more geological controls, such as depositional style, structure, geometry, etc. (For example, carbonate plays may be characterized as barrier reef, isolated reef, shelf margin, and platform.) Thus, the Previous HitplayNext Hit boundary also is controlled by geological factors, whic , in turn, govern the distribution of pools within that Previous HitplayNext Hit. Once the Previous HitplayNext Hit is defined, numerical evaluation is undertaken using the Discovery Process Model. This model uses all the pools within a Previous HitplayNext Hit boundary, specifically their size (gas volume) and discovery sequence, to generate estimates of overall Previous HitplayNext Hit potential and individual undiscovered pool sizes.

The Previous HitanalysisNext Hit of Devonian gas potential involved the geological definition and statistical evaluation of 25 established plays. The results indicate that several of these plays still have a significant upside potential with respect to undiscovered gas volumes, particularly the Slave Point reef complexes and platform carbonates in northeast British Columbia and northwest Alberta, the Leduc/Nisku reef complexes in the Alberta Deep basin, and the Swan Hills shelf margin Previous HitplayTop in west-central Alberta.


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